Welcome to Cig-eliquid 

This webstore was opened in march 2011 in order to  provide  high quality  
DIY base e-liquid at an affordable  price for  the  small but growing UK vapeing community.

Over the years  many things have changed but I still aim to make the very best quality  small batch nicotine base you can buy .

All pure Nicotine  has a  purity certificate of analysis direct from the makers 
A true copy  of the certificate can seen on the   -Nicotine purity certificate-
 web shop page
if you wish for a copy of the certificate in with your order please  put your request in the other information box at the checkout

If you choose to  order from  me your order will be well packed  and promptly dispatched in plain packaging.  

You Me and the TPD

Due to a lack of freezer storage space I have  limited  amounts of nicotine base made in house before 20th November 2016

In order to avoid  being  cleaned out at any point before 20th May 2017 I will be placing limited  amounts of Nicotine Base onto my web shop at any one time.
restocked the web shop as and when it is sold/sold out.
This means that if any nicotine base is not showing on site it will be back in stock next day/next week right up till the final cut off date --20th May 2017.
Up date  as of 1/4/2017 some of the smaller sized bottles of PG base are now out of stock/sold out

The change in the law  also mean I can no longer offer to make fresh or non standard DIY mg strength nicotine base for the public. 
This does not effect my Trade customers

All Nicotine base sold on this web store was mixed in house  and under Argon gas before 20th November 2016 using the finest USP liquids- then stored at low temp/freezer  
My customer deserve the very best and I aim to deliver the cleanest and freshest. 

 I could simply buy a 
1000lt ICB of DIY nicotine base   bottle it and pass it along under my label - but I don't, after all who wants to receive the tail end of a bulk container that might have been sat in less than ideal conditions for many months.

I aim to send any order placed  before 3.00pm out the same working day - to date well over 99% are sent same day.
All liquids are heat sealed in strong layflat tubing before being carefully packed in plain cardboard box's or plain packages with a  return address that does not indicate the contents. 

I do not operate a mailing list so purchasing from me will not result in  unwanted e-mails  - your details are not passed on in any shape or form

Please note  if your total order is over 2 kg in weight the cost of postage is far higher than  the £3.95 for up to 2kg postage band. 

DIY Nicotine Base is Not  intended to be used to refill a nicotine inhaling device;

DIY Nicotine base = A liquid  with a very high level of Nicotine - far higher (mg) strength than can ever be used directly in any nicotine inhaling device.

DIY Base Nicotine  contain no flavourings

DIY Base Nicotine on its own will not mimic the vapour or taste of  e-liquids 


Usage: This high strength nicotine liquid may be added to ready made e-liquids to adjust/increase  the nicotine level (mg) or used as raw ingredient in the manufacture of e-liquids.

All  high strength DIY  Nicotine bases  always requires  diluting  down with a number of  liquids that contain NO  Nicotine (for example  PG,VG,AG or PEG )to a safe mg strength -

it also requires blending to your taste with other ingredients- flavourings. 

In short never fill your nicotine inhaling device with DIY Nicotine base - it is not ready to use e-liquid - 

Q What happens if i use this product  without following  the instructions to dilute and mix with other non nicotine liquids

A: It will not work as you intend it will fail to produce the taste or vapour consistency you require  and most importantly it will most likely make you feel very unwell- along the lines of chain smoking cigars.

Other than e-mails to confirm your order and the order has been dispatched you will not be sent any e-mails or junk as a result of buying from this site.
Please Note: You need to be over 18 to purchase/order  items from this web store.

You are also required to read the safety page before you place any order.









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